Friday, June 9, 2017

Hitchhike (Douce France)

In 1979, at 17, I spent a month in summer school in Cannes, France (Lycee Carnot).

My GF at the time, 23, a Parisian, hitchhiked from Athens to Cannes (ferry boat from Patras, Greece, to Ancona, Italy).

We traveled together from Cannes to Grenoble.

We spent 7 days in a small flat on the 6th floor.

Then we hitchhiked back to Valence. She went North, to Paris.

I hiked South back to Cannes. First time ever.

Slept rough somewhere between Aix-en-Province and Marseille. Took the train from Marseille to Cannes.

Best time of my life.

My dream is to walk around this planet like people could in the past.

That's my global dream, still at 54.

MLK and RFK.