Sunday, June 11, 2017

Employ the diverse Human Capital of Europe

Greece! Paradise on Earth for thinking intensive industries.
That is what people I know who work in Greece from the US, Canada, Australia, Japan, Germany, France, Spain, Italy Austria ......   say!
And cost of living and salaries are very competitive.

Join my Greece.

Full CV available and briefings on the strategic advantages and well as issues in biz Greece.
US, UK and Aussie EN spoken. Global EN too.

I have scouted locations for other biz activities in the UK, France, NL, Italy, Lux, Bulgaria, Poland, TK, Georgia and Germany in 2012-2014 (on my own expenses, an investment of mine).

Brussels and Belgium you know. Europe are the people of this continent, united colors of Europe.

I do not post photos of people etc of course. People want privacy in Europe. Not like the US or the UK.

They are all in my head. Not just names or pals, but people I have evaluated as skills and ethos in many ways all those years in Europe (1986-present). Eg the people I met last night while walking around Athens 11pm to 7am today (local time).

References available of course. Especially re character (ie ethos).