Friday, June 2, 2017


Bonjour mes amis.

Hier, comme d' habitude, I worked hard. Been doing that all my life. Be it as a student, a uni student in the US and France, a sailor in the navy, a free lance consultant, a SEV man in Brussels, an ECOSOC man in Greece, a Rothmans man, an advisor to the former president of the Greek TUC, a TV and radio commentator, a dotcom entrepreneur, a Bull (1999), a carer to an 80 y.o. woman, a man alone in the maze of Greek bureaucracy, a man whose mother was thrown out of a Greek hospital in 2007 and spent 7500E per month for her in a private hospital (10/2007-1/2008), a man who took 3 rooms full of family papers and downsized them to 2 suitcases after reading each and every one, a man who managed and sold co-owned property 1982-2012.

The "idiotis" who understands both the forest and each of the trees in it.

On 4/7/2012 I gave the keys of my family flat to the new owner and took a dive into the ocean of globalization. At 50.

You have been reading my reports from the Waterworld.

Live, from the planet, it's Nick.

The global village. Not the one M. Night described.

Dogville win change.

Dedicated to Charles Handy.
I met him in Athens, thanks to a Hay Group seminar way back in time.
"The elephant and the flea"
Read his book.

And all survivors of the Greek crisis so far.